Projekt Platinum Studios - Dedicated to high quality mixing and mastering

Projekt Platinum Studios is a multinational mixing and mastering studio. We currently have 4 studios and can accommodate every type of audio service that is required, equipped with cutting edge analog and digital equipment and some of the best engineers around.

Projekt Platinum Studios features state of the art equipment and superior quality sound. Our control room is equipped with the world renowned custom-made Neve DFC Gemini console along with a fully updated ProTools HD3 Accel audio recording and editing system. The combination of Digital sharpness and freedom and warm vintage analog sound is unbelievably sublime.

At Projekt Platinum Studios we are dedicated to a multi genre client base that is not only limited to musicians We also offer sound work for podcasting and all forms of audio products. We work with major record labels as well as independent musicians. Projekt Platinum is becoming world renowned for its pristine quality with clients ranging from Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa. Whether you need a single, EP, demo, or a full album, Projekt Platinum has and always will be the quality choice.

Reflecting our international success, we have injected a massive amount of knowledge, time and energy into providing the perfect environment to seek out and seize the most potential from all the talented new musicians and bands that enter our doors. Building a reputation for delivering superior recording services and offering the most professional advisements and assistance when perfecting your projects, here at The Projekt Platinum Studios, we remain dedicated to the constant search for ways to improve our services ever further by keeping up with the cutting edge of the current technology, our top of the line studio, expert engineers and vast knowledge will help you make the most of your talents.


Having access to professional purpose built mastering studios to mix and master your tracks can make the difference between reaching that life changing record contract or not. As one of the most technologically advanced recording studios in the US, we know the importance of offering every musician the best possible services. Incorporating a relaxed and professional environment, with cutting edge equipment, we have made it our aim to provide the finest, expert mixing and mastering solution for your band or solo project.


Projekt Platinum is not just your average mastering house. And we can promise you with quality assurance that you will not get this level of quality, equipment, service, dedication, and engineers at our prices anywhere else.


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