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Truly world class professional audio mastering, from experienced engineers, using the absolute best in both analog and digital processing - to get great results at a great price!


What Is Audio Mastering?


Audio mastering is the final step in the music creation process where your songs are given their final glossy shine. The mastering engineer will give your audio track clarity, volume, and fullness as well as bring a consistant, level, and high quality final sound to your entire cd and when played on different audio systems mastering is the utmost essential step in getting optimum impact for your recordings.


Why Use Projeket Platinum Studios?


We offer the highest possible quality and standards in Audio CD mastering, with experienced engineers, using only the finest equipment in analog and digital technology, at very affordable prices.


What Do I Get?


Online Mastering Service: The standard delivery is a download link to 16 Bit, 44.1khz to your mastered files. You also have an option to order a full physical disc or both.


Preparing Your Audio:


All audio files should be sent in a bit rate of 24 bit 44.1khz preferably, but we can also work with 16 bit if that is what is needed. The audio files should be zipped and sent to note - If this will be a mix and master session please zip all individual tracks into a single folder for each song. If there is any assistance needed please email our engineers for a walkthrough of the process.